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Qube Renewables: Utilising dry anaerobic digestion to provide a clean cooking solution in humanitarian settings

QUBE designs, manufactures and sells products based on anaerobic digestion (AD) technologies which have the potential to provide clean energy whilst effectively disposing of waste.

Solar Polar – Low-cost cooling improves health and economic outcomes for off-grid communities in developing nations

Solar Polar uses solar thermal-powered absorption refrigeration to make affordable low-watt cooling units that can be used for air conditioning, vaccine fridges and agricultural storage.

Inclusive Energy – New frontiers for the biogas market

Globally, the biogas sector is undergoing a resurgence, and it is an important part of a mix of cooking technologies needed to bridge the clean cooking access gap.

Steamology – Seizing the climate-smart power of hydrogen to deliver affordable energy for electricity and heat

Steamology aims to deliver scalable and modular solutions for industrial steam heat and power by embracing the hydrogen economy.

Cranfield University and Concentrated Solar Power: Utilising the power of sunlight to bring clean cooking to rural areas

Cranfield University is testing a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) device that could reduce pollution in Indian homes, schools, and canteens by replacing traditional cooking methods.

Aptech Africa: Pay-n-Pump brings affordable solar-powered irrigation within reach for small-scale African farmers

Uganda-based company Aptech Africa’s ‘Pay-n-Pump’ is a solar PV-powered pump that offers an affordable irrigation solution to low-income subsistence farmers.

Zonke Energy Case study: Low-cost renewable solar power for households in informal settlements

Zonke Energy is a South African Company that aims to provide innovative, safe, and scalable renewable energy solutions to informal settlements and markets not served by the national grid.

MOPO Hubs: Providing households with energy and e-mobility solutions through a pay-per-use battery sharing platform

Mobile Power‘s pay-per-use battery sharing platform provides flexible and affordable energy access for sub-Saharan African households.