Our Activities



Energy Catalyst has so far supported 345 projects and committed a total of £140 million across all Energy Catalyst rounds

£60 million of this funding has focused on energy access technologies and business models, distributed across more than 140 projects and over 310 unique organisations

75% of project lead organisations receiving support are micro or start-up businesses, with nearly two-thirds of support going to early stage projects

Energy Catalyst has supported the development of a wide range of energy access technologies and business models.These innovators are the clients for the acceleration services we provide. Our success is determined by their success, and our activities are defined by them.

For full details of the projects, please visit our portfolio page.

Who we work with

The average project includes three partner organisations from a range of organisations including large companies, SMEs, universities and NGOs. The majority of our projects, approximately 75%, are led by start-up companies, most of whom are based in the UK and develop solutions that deliver impact in Africa and Asia. Over half of the projects we work with are at an early stage of commercialisation, with most of the rest at mid-stage.

What they are working on

The projects involve technical and business model innovations, across the full range of technologies and applications relevant to emerging trends in the energy access sector. Technologies and sectors include bioenergy, storage, solar PV, wind, heating and cooling, clean cooking, smart grids and novel payment systems. Targeted applications include community-scale systems (mini-grids), small businesses and productive uses, transportation and households.

Where they work

Energy Catalyst has invested in projects targeting 29 different countries, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, and South and Southeast Asia.