Inclusive Energy

Cool Efficiency in West Africa 

Partners: Inclusive Energy, Focus Energy, Koolboks

Country: Nigeria

Technology: Sustainable cooling

Stage: Mid

Stage: 9

Cooling infrastructure – fridges and freezers – are vital for commerce, home use and for preserving medication, vaccinations and food. This project brings together a consortium of companies that seek to solve power supply issues that can arise when using a solar system to power a fridge, including faults on the solar, battery or load sides, tampering, incorrectly sized systems or low energy yield due to poor weather.

This project aims to enable partners Focus Energy and Koolboks to offer higher quality and easier to manage cooling services for customers in West Africa. As well as reacting to faults and issues that have already occurred, this project will investigate and develop a solution to provide predictive maintenance for a range of issues. The project proposes the development of 3 parallel and integrated capabilities: (1) analyse, (2) forecast, (3) mitigate.