Charm Impact

Predictive Analytics for Due Diligence - PADD 

Partners: Charm Impact Ltd

Country: Nigeria

Technology: Leave no one behind technologies and business models

Stage: Early

Stage: 9

Today 770 million people live without access to electricity and 2.5 billion people lack access to clean cooking facilities. Achieving full electricity access by 2030 requires annual investment of just over USD 35 billion, or only 2% of current global energy investment.

However, current investments in power access are well below this. Without additional sources of funding, clean energy start-ups and companies working in emerging economies will not have the capital to scale their businesses for improved energy access, reduced carbon emissions and improved gender equality and social inclusion.

Charm Impact, an early stage debt provider for locally owned, clean energy companies in emerging economies, is executing a feasibility study to research the ability to develop an intuitive credit scoring process using predictive analytics.