New Energy Ecosystem Maps for Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines

This report by Energy Catalyst implementing partner New Energy Nexus provides an overview of the new energy ecosystems within three countries in South East Asia: Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

For each of these countries, the report maps out and analyses the key components of the new energy ecosystems: investors and financing mechanisms (e.g. grant provides, angel investors, etc), enabling environment (e.g. policies, certification bodies, etc), networking assets (e.g. incubators, pitching events), institutions (e.g. electricity generation companies, utilities, etc), and nascent new energy indicators (e.g. start-ups, research laboratories, etc). Combined, they provide an overview of the clean energy innovation system at play in each nation.

The report offers key insights on each of these clean energy ecosystems by country. For example, it concludes that Indonesia has a more mature startup ecosystem than the other two countries as there are more energy entrepreneur support organizations and financial support mechanisms. As a result, clean energy start-ups entering the Indonesian market will likely get more fundraising opportunities and acceleration and incubation support. However, local renewable energy policies can be more challenging to navigate than in other countries.

Finally, it offers a series of recommendations for clean energy start-ups seeking to enter the energy markets in Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Download the New Energy Ecosystem Maps report