Power for All hosts first Media + Brand 101 Training Session to help Energy Catalyst companies drive awareness

On February 11th, 2021, Power for all CEO Kristina Skierka and Director of Communications Benson Kibiti led a private session on media communications and tactics to leverage the Energy Catalyst brand to drive awareness for companies.

Power for All is a global campaign to accelerate the end of energy poverty and has unique expertise in cross-sectoral media and communications. Often described as the “PR agency for energy access,” Power for All has helped launch decentralized renewable companies, built in-country access ecosystems, and shifted the global narrative to build demand for energy access technologies.

The media training session included an overview on how to conduct interviews, day-to-day media relations, and:

  • How to earn and maintain credibility in today’s newsrooms
  • How to better leverage your company spokespeople
  • How to prepare, practice, and present your key messages
  • Use of transitions, or ‘bridges,’ to make your point
  • Press releases, social media, and Energy Catalyst branding.

If you and your company are interested in registering for our upcoming media training sessions, which will go deeper into each of the topics explored above, please reach out to Iain.Meager@carbontrust.com and Ross.Bruton@carbontrust.com.

You can also visit the recording of the session here.